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Private Lessons

SAM RECINOS (USAPA Ambassador and a 5.0 level player from Oregon, USA) and CARLOS CASTRO (Chapala's area Tennis & Pickleball Pro / Head Coach) are available by appointment for individual and group lessons. Custom courses for individuals, couples and small groups may be scheduled to improve doubles play, teamwork, or other specific skills. Contact

Group Clinics

Mel's Casa Social offers both group and individual training for beginners, novices, and intermediate players. Beginner training is at 4:00 pm each Monday. Click here to see Mel's schedule.

Individual and group pickleball lessons are also available at the Racquet Club and at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

Pickleball Training for New Players

This course helps develop foundation skills for players with limited Pickleball experience. Sessions are one hour in length, followed by supervised Pickleball play time with fellow course attendees. Beginner training at Mel's is at 4:00 pm Monday; combined beginner and intermediate training at Monte Carlo is 4:00 Wednesday.

Training for Intermediate and Advanced Players

Intermediate clinics and private lessons can also be arranged for players who have mastered beginner level skills and would like to acquire the skills necessary to achieve intermediate 3.x tournament ranking.  Intermediate training classes are offered at Mel's Casa Social, Hotel Monte Carlo and the Racquet Club.

Individual lessons for advanced players are available from Carlos Castro and his staff. See the Private Lessons paragraph at the top of this  page.

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