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We are a community comprised of pickleball players and those who provide court time, training, and other services and products to the players. There is no free play on any court in the area. Although there are court usage fees, there is no fee to be part of the community. Click here to register and join the community.


Information on some of the leaders of our pickleball community is presented below.

Carlos Castro cropped.jpg
Juan Carlos Castro
Pickleball Chapala

Carlos introduced pickleball to Lake Chapala in 2015. As the tennis pro at the Racquet Club, Carlos installed the first pickleball courts in this area.  He later founded the Pickleball Chapala group which has installed additional courts at the Hotel Montecarlo and at the Hotel Real de Chapala. Pickleball Chapala now manages three venues with 18 of the 22 pickleball courts in the Lakeside area. Carlos is active in promoting pickleball among Spanish speakers throughout Mexico.

Milanie Jimenez
Mel's Casa Social

Milanie provides a friendly point of contact for new players of all skill levels. Conveniently located in central Ajijic, Mel's Casa Social offers clinics and training by skill level, open play by skill level, pickleball socials, and a full-service restaurant and bar.

RNB 2023.jpg
Ralph Bussard

Ralph has been active in the Lakeside pickleball community since 2015. He is the person to contact if you have questions about this website or need general information about the Lakeside area. He is a founding member of the non-profit Tepalo Pickleball Club, which uses court fees to support the local Ajijic junior high school and its students.

Brett & Elaine Shinn
Facebook Pickleball Players Group 

Brett and Elaine are the founders and moderators of the

Ajijic, Chapala & R.C. Pickle Ball Players group on Facebook. Founded in 2018, the group has grown to over 700 members. The group is private, but all pickleball players are encouraged to apply.

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