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Regardless of your skill level, the Lake Chapala Pickleball community offers opportunities to meet and play with others at your level. We play on 24 courts at six different locations.

  • In Ajijic:  Mel's Social Casa, the Tepalo Pickleball Club, and the Hotel Real.

  • In Chapala:  the Hotel Villa Monte Carlo and the Tennis Center in Cristianía Park.

  • In San Juan Cósala: the Racquet Club.

Click here for a map and directions to these venues.

Open Play (Everyone Welcome)

Open "drop in" play is open to everyone at the Hotel Real, the Hotel Monte Carlo and the Racquet Club. Players randomly group themselves into foursomes and play on the next available court. Play begins at about 8:30 every morning. On most mornings several courts reserved for advanced players.

At Mel's Casa Social, open play grouped by skill level is available. Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced play time blocks are scheduled throughout the day.

Reserved Courts

Court reservations of 1.5 or 2 hours are available at the Tepalo Pickleball Club. Tepalo club members may view the schedules, identify open time blocks, and reserve specific time blocks using a phone, tablet or PC. With the reserving player's approval, other members may sign up to play during the reserved time block. Club membership is required, but memberships are available. The court is not available on weekday mornings.

Social Events and Tournaments

Mel's Casa Social offers luncheons and mini-tournaments several days a week, organized by skill level. These events are intended to provide newcomers to the Lakeside area with a opportunity to meet and play short matches with other players at the same skill level.

Major Tournaments are held periodically at the Hotel Real. Visit the PickleballChapala page on Facebook for more information.

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